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Financial Literacy/Budgets

In our experience, financial education works best in community settings where people can learn together and share the experience. Financial Counseling team will make practical financial education come alive in any setting.

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Back To The Basics

The Four Elements of Financial Lit.

This core financial education class for adults is 6 hours total (four, 90-minute classes), using learning circles and games to make the learning fun. Develop skills in every aspect of financial literacy budgeting to create savings, debt reduction, increasing assets, building a good credit rating, and consumer protection. Everyone can learn this, and most of us wish we had gotten it earlier!

Better Budgeting

Budgeting works like magic if you use proven behavioral tricks that work and find the tools that work for you. You will learn how to make a real-world budget, plug your money leaks, reduce debt and increase savings.

Build Your Score, Get Out of Debt

Gain a new attitude of confidence towards credit by exploring practical steps to build your score. Learn about the rules and myths of credit scoring, how to spot errors on your credit reports, use your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and pay down debt to build strong credit.

Investing 101 – New!

*This is a basics class: Counselors cannot provide investment advice.
Saving for the future is less difficult if you understand the basics. Learn about compound interest and how it works for and against you, dollar-cost-averaging, the Rule of 72, Risk-Return Scales, and different avenues to build assets for your future.

For Parents: Paths to Turn Kids into Financially Wise Young People

You will learn methods to show your children important money life skills and ways to match those money lessons to kids’ developmental stages. Get started with tools that help each age get the practice they need to develop good money habits.


Youth and Young Adult Education

Financial Milestones for Teens

These money lessons are delivered directly to groups of teens, tailored to fit their age group and to provide a fun entry into the adult world of money. Learn to navigate all the “firsts” – managing your first paychecks and credit cards, building a good credit score, growing your savings with your first investments, and planning your first budget for college or independence ahead.

Keep College Affordable: Get a Degree, Not Debt

Higher education financing is complex, and college can be the biggest expense of your life, next to buying a home. Learn financial aid basics, strategies to keep costs low, and insider tips to get through college without taking on too much student loan debt.

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